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Breanne Driscoll

Learn the ancient history of acupuncture and it's magical healing powers

Sunday, November 7         Room B

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Learn about acupuncture: the history, the energetic flow of the meridians and the 12 meridians themselves. When we have a disorder or disease it is a disruption of the energy flow within the meridians and body. Acupuncture can help with a wide variety of ailments. We will be discussing what acupuncture is and how it can help our bodies not just with physical issues. We will understand the proper flow of energy within the meridians and have a few demonstrations.

There will also be a group exercise on how we can all start to balance our meridians. Bree has been a licensed practitioner since 2010. She is a massage therapist with a masters of acupuncture, she brings a distinct perspective and skill set to the healing process that allows her to treat each patient uniquely based on their individual needs.

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