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Lisa Gniady

Chakra Clearing for Empowering the Self

Saturday, November 6     Room #2

Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 pm

As you begin to understand the energetics within the body, you can become more aware when you are out of balance. 

Take a journey through your chakras and learn how to shield, rather than yield to the energy around you.


This discussion and experimental class will highlight how to maintain equilibrium in a world that is constantly changing.

Experience  a Crystalline Light Code Activation, an energy clearing from the Language of Light.

Also, see how positive affirmations for self-love can leave you feeling empowered and more in harmony with yourself. 


Lisa Gniady is your guide on this journey. An Energy worker, Healer, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Sound Healer, and 500 hour E-RYT Yoga Instructor specializing in elevating people on their life’s path. She acts as a Channel, connecting you to the Spiritual and Angelic Realm, the Akashic Records and the Ascended Masters. Studying in the Himalayas, she experienced a life changing rebirth, meditating in caves and ancient Buddhist monasteries of India. She dedicated herself to helping humanity grow and awaken on their spiritual path. She facilitates Light Activation Retreats around the world. 

“Retreats Across America”, her domestic retreats, take small groups of women around the United States to heal themselves and the land. She is what you might refer to as a modern day medicine women. 


She has a line of inspiration products co-created with Visionary Artist Lisa Nomikos of Gathering Visions. A multitude of Oracle Card decks, Lemurian Activation Decks, Inner Child Healing Deck, Positive Affirmation cards and Cooperation cards and a Gong Sound Healing CD, and Light Code Activation video courses to support people on their spiritual journey. 


She is available for Life Coaching and Intuitive Guidance.


Visit Team Lisa at Booth number 412

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