Lisa Nomikos

Visual Journey to the Soul

Take a journey deep within yourself - a vision journey to the recesses of your consciousness. Join Team Lisa: Intuitive Life Coach, Lisa Gniady and Visionary Artist, Lisa Nomikos for a meditation on images to awaken stagnant energy spots and clear the path to move you forward on your evolutionary ascent. See an image. Meditate on it. Travel into the depths of your being. Team Lisa will guide you on this colorful journey. Combine this with the sound vibrations of Angel Drums painted by Lisa Nomikos and allow the angelic frequency to awaken dormant parts of you and send you energetic healing and light. This one of a kind class is an experience of Vision and Sound.It works! Leave inspired.

Lisa Nomikos: intuitive visionary artist, empath, illustrator and conscious graphic designer, meditation teacher, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Goddess Reiki 1 and Goddess Reiki 2: The Angelic Realm practitioner. Lisa Nomikos uses her energy tools to create uplifting and motivating images to inspire growth and awakening for all. She connects to the Divine, the Angelic Realm, guides and ascended masters of the Highest Love and Light Vibrations to assist others on the path of growth and awakening.