Melissa Wilhelm

The Fear of the Unknown

The unknown is what we don’t see with our eyes, it is the energy of love and change and a reflection of ourselves that we do not know yet, and it can feel scary. The fear of this unknown energy is what helps us on our path, it’s our guidance from spirit showing us what needs to be done next. It is what prompts us to make a change, maybe in a relationship, job, a new home or even a totally different path. This change requires us to listen, to feel, and to move with and through the energy, and when we don’t, we can feel anxiety, nervousness, anger, chaos and more that can lead to bigger issues even illness.

In this class Melissa will show you how to use your guides to connect with that feeling, then learn how to recognize it, then move yourself through that energy. When you allow faith in, knowing you are protected and guided, then the fear won't feel so heavy because you know it is the beginning of a change. or the next step, you will feel the growth and raise in your vibration, from allowing source to lead you. 

Are you willing to be brave and move through this to see what is next for you on your journey?

Holistic Health & Spiritual Expo
Holistic Health & Spiritual Expo

Melissa Wilhelm


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Time: 12 pm-1 pm


Owner of Avana Healing

Founder of the Holistic Health & Spiritual Expos

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Yoga Instructor & Meditation Coach

Holistic Nutritionist

Spiritual Coach & Intuitive Healer

Retreat Facilitator 800-762-5037