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Naomi Eklund

ON THE SPOT READINGS By Naomi Eklund, Psychic Advisor, Founder and CEO Infinite Yes Coaching and Productions.

Saturday, November 6     Room #2

Time: 11:30pm - 12:30 pm

Love getting great insight, answers, and a good unfiltered psychic reading!  It's time.  Put me on the spot with your question or let me give you a message from your guides.  I am a born Psychic, Medium, Metaphysical practitioner with 40 years of experience.  This is your opportunity for a quickie with impact.  If you show up and ask a question or let me read you, you will receive an extra gift (tbd) and a discount on a full session.  


Looking forward to being put on the spot by you!  This is an open public session, I will do my best to get to you, due to the time limitation, I may not be able to respond to everyone.  SO show up early and be curious.  Other people's answers can provide you with great information too!

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