Building a Home Full of Positive Energy

Have you ever walked into someone's home and instantly felt warm, welcome, and at peace? Or known the opposite to be true? A home may be perfectly decorated, squeaky clean, and just make you feel uncomfortable. It all comes down to energy. In this post, I will explain why it’s important to do energetic housekeeping, and introduce the four basic steps to make your space feel amazing.

How to Make Your Home FEEL Amazing

Why spaces need energetic upkeep

Just like we need to do chores in order to keep our homes from going into utter chaos, we need to do some energetic housekeeping. First, homes build up stagnant energy. A huge contributor of stagnant energy is probably right in front of you. Our televisions, computers, cell phones, and many other household items emit positive ions, leading to electromagnetic pollution. When left to build up over time they can not only affect our health, but they also attract negative energy to them. This brings me to my second point, negativity happens. We all occasionally have a bad day, get sick, argue with someone, or hear bad news. These all leave fingerprints on our lives. Just like fingerprints on glass, if left to build up, we don’t see the world for the bright, beautiful place it is. Follow these four basic steps to begin your energetic upkeep and build your sanctuary that draws all that you desire.

1. Set the intention

For this, you can either go in-depth or keep it very simple, but this is essential to building that blissful feeling in your space. You can have a simple mantra for your home such as, “please fill this space with light and love”. If you wish to be more specific, then go room by room and set your intention for each space. For example, the bedroom could be a purpose of peace and relaxation, while the office would be a place of productivity and creation. Just make sure you keep your intentions very clear as you proceed with the next steps.

2. Cleanse the Space

There are so many ways to remove negative energy from a space, but here are a few favorites. Smudging - A personal preference due to its effectiveness when performed correctly. Smudging is the burning of plant material to produce energetic change. White sage, which has been used for centuries by the Native Americans, is a favorite due to how thoroughly it removes negative energy. Other types of sage and herbs work well too. Just make sure to do your research on the properties each will bring to your space. When smudging, it’s very important to really fill the space with the smoke, including the corners and under furniture where dark things love to hide. Then open the windows releasing the smoke and all the negativity with it. Sound Cleansing - You can use a singing bowl or a brass bell. Even the rhythmic beating of a drum is known to shake up the energy of a space. Physical Cleansing with Essential Oils - Make an all-natural cleaning solution by either mixing vinegar and water or mixing water with non-toxic dish soap. Add a little uplifting essential oil and go to town on every surface possible. Don’t forget the floors and baseboards. A clean home always makes us feel good but add the power of nature and your space will feel amazing.

3. Fill It Up With Positive Energy

Nature refuses to leave a vacuum, so it’s very important to fill the space back up with positivity so the negative can’t return. You can once again use the power of nature by burning something like sweetgrass or a tree resin such as copal or frankincense. Another way to fill the space to literally speak your positive intentions out loud. Something like, “I fill this space with light and love, or, “this home is a magnet for peace, love, and prosperity,” will work wonderfully. High vibrational music is another great way to fill the space positive vibes.

4. Lock in Positive Energy and Protect Your Space

If you want to stick with using nature indoors, burning any of the wood incense such as cedarwood, sandalwood, or Palo Santo is a wonderful way to lock in positive vibes. Scattering blessed salts across the doors and windows are great, and crystals are always a wonderful addition to any home. Most important of all, protect your space from negativity. Try to keep negative people away from your space, encourage family members to keep the conversation positive, and steer away from fear-based television and news. You have the power to insist your home is a sanctuary filled with light and love.

In conclusion, set the intention of what you want out of your space, practice energetic upkeep, make sure your space is filled with positive energy and vibrations, and protect it from outside negativity. Then, your home will not only FEEL amazing, but it will also help to draw positivity to you

In light and love,


Elizabeth Blackwell started her journey seven years ago through the study of consciousness, spirituality, quantum physics, and modern-day best self-practices.  She is now the owner of Blissful Home and Body where she helps others raise their vibration through handmade products, energetic cleansing services, and both online and in-person teaching. 

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