Is Your Third Eye Chakra Blocked?

The third eye is said to connect us with the ability to see what is unseen with the human eye. The third eye may have blocks, which is simply an energic concept that would be handled through a healing process. Blocks can occur from fear, karma, jealousy, hate, greed, self-doubt, disappointments, lack of self-love, gossiping, and this list goes on.

This can create disruption for us on a physical emotional and spiritual level for example:

  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia

  • Confusion or anxiety about decisions you need to make

  • Frequent headaches

  • Lack of imagination

  • Unsure of what to do with your life

  • Poor memory

  • Feel pulled to meditate, be in silence, and do restorative activities

If you are ready to surrender and release, this simple meditation below is a great way to get started. Set your to-do list aside for a short time and allow only thoughts and images from the source to come in. These thoughts or images may be memories, or something related to what you are dealing with right now that’s coming up to heal. You may see the face of someone that might need forgiving, or you feel a strong sense it’s time to make a change with a job or relationship, it might feel the support of your guides at this time to break an unhealthy pattern that is holding you back. As silly as the thoughts coming in may be, they are coming in for a reason, acknowledge and let go.

Meditation for tapping into the power of your third eye chakra.

  • Clear 5-20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time for yourself

  • Sit cross-legged on the floor or seated on a chair

  • Straighten your spine, lift your shoulders up and back then close your eyes

  • Take 3 deep breathes- As you inhale imagine your breath reaching up to the universe and on the exhale allowing a bright iridescent white light to enter the crown chakra from the highest point of creation traveling through your body and grounding you into the center of the earth.

  • Then focus your attention in your heart space, when you feel centered in your heart, bring that energy up to the center of your brow bone in your 3rd eye chakra where you will now focus.

  • Sit for a moment and imagine a beautiful purple light that grows within your 3rd eye chakra, without thinking about it, allow thoughts and or images to come in. Either you will be releasing or allowing. Some will be divine messages of love and some will be helping you along your path of healing and growing.

  • Once you have received your messages, repeat this mantra: I am connected to my higher self. I know that I am always guided. I make decisions with ease and grace. I accept and trust the path I am on. My intuition is my guide. OM.

When you learn to sit in silence, even when you feel nothing is coming up for you, you are building your spiritual muscles to receive more information each time you allow yourself to be still. Don’t give up, continue to push through to see what is waiting for you. Many times, hints of what is next for you on your path is waiting there in your 3rd eye.

We are all able to do this, so have faith in yourself and be fearless during this process, you deserve to heal and grow and see what that brave beautiful person you are is capable of!

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