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Do you have knowledge in Holistic Health, Wellness, Spiritual Healing that you want to share? Submit a Guest Post on the Holistic Health & Spiritual Blog! 


We welcome everyone, this is not an exclusive space for only bloggers or those with spiritual businesses, this is a place for anyone willing to share their experiences, and journey openly and honestly with others.

Blog Submission Guidelines

Why Contribute?


  1. Your experience, tips, or techniques might be just what someone else is looking for.

  2. Your post will reach a large like-minded audience.

  3. We will promote blog posts via our emails and social media.

  4. Every post will have your bio included


Writing Guidelines


  • Word count: Aim for 300 to 800 words 

  • Keep your paragraphs short and easy to digest.

  • Include practical tips and actionable steps, to help the reader overcome similar situations, or inspire them through your storytelling. We want a personal approach, not an infomercial.

  • Kind loving approach. Please do not prescribe, dictate, or come across as ‘preachy’.

  • Please submit only original work. We will be obliged to take down and remove any copywritten material. If you are including any research or outside material to support your blog, simply send over the links with your submission, and clearly reference your sources within your post.

  • Please avoid referencing your own blogs, coaching, and careers in the main body of the text unless necessary. You may be a healer, but the post should be about your experience, your feelings, and your lessons.

  • Pictures help convey your message and break up content.  Attach images you are authorized to redistribution/publication. Cite your sources. If you don’t submit images, we will choose some to publish with your content.

  • About the Author: Include a bio (375 characters written in 3rd person (i.e. Your Name is a holistic practitioner…she…”. ) for us to attach. It is here that you can discuss your work and promote your own business etc. Please also include a headshot, your website and social media links for readers to reach out and connect with you. 

  • SHARE your contribution on your website, through social media, in your newsletter, or in an email.


How To Submit

  • Please create your post in plain text, not HTML, with the blog title at the top of the submission

  • Please use the form below to submit your idea for a blog post for the Holistic Health & Spiritual Blog

  • Only send one submission per email 

  • Only submit posts that you have written, all submissions will be checked for plagiarism


Please Note 

  • While we would love to publish every blog post, we simply can’t. If your post feels like a good fit for the blog, then we notify you with publish date.

  • If you do not hear back from us feel free to send in a different post.

  • We reserve editorial rights and oversight. Your post may be edited to adjust any minor spelling or grammar mistakes. 

  • If you don’t submit images, we will choose a suitable image for your blog post.

  • The option for readers to share your post via social media and comments will be available. 

  • We also reserve the right to refuse publication for any reason.  Your submission conveys rights for us to publish on our site in perpetuity.

  • Guest posts will be published once a week. 


If you are happy with everything presented to you on this page, we are pleased to have you on board. Thank you from all of us at the Holistic Health & Spiritual Expo. 

New Blog Post Idea

Please use this form to submit your idea for a blog post for the Holistic Health & Spiritual Expo Blog. 

Blog Submission

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