Over 20 classes & workshops are included in your $14 Weekend Admission to the Holistic Health & Spiritual Expo. 

We are happy to present to you experts in holistic health, wellness, healing, metaphysics, and spirituality. These individuals will be presenting on many amazing topics all geared to enhance your life! A full list of our speakers, classes, and workshops will be posted 30 days prior to the expo.


All of our Speaker Classes will take place on Sunday, February 2, 2020. 

Experience a meditative system of martial art forms helps to improve your body alignment, balance, energy (Qi or Ki) circulation and physical stamina. DahnMuDo (“the art of being limitless”) is derived from traditional Korean qigong and martial arts forms designed to open the flow of energy in your body for physical and mental health. Major benefits of Taichi include: Strengthen your lower body and core muscles, improve your balance and body awareness, activate and improve overall energy circulation, deepen the breath and improve focus, brighten your spirit and open your heart, and much more.

Sunday, February 2nd, 1 pm to 1:45 pm

Create health, vitality, sunny attitude and glowing spirit. This workshop introduces you to the energy principles and practices of the Brain Education Energy Healing Points (BHP), a straightforward and gentle set of exercises that activates and strengthens your natural healing system. You will learn how to calm your mind and alleviate stress by stimulating your body's natural processes through movement. 

Sunday, February 2nd, from 2 pm to 2:45 pm

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